Wood is an extraordinary, ecological and natural material that can induce positive feelings that are reflected in our well-being.

It features lightness, durability, durability, no harmful substances, no allergies, emanates a pleasing fragrance that varies in relation to the type of wood essence.

Even after cutting and the various processing processes it has undergone, it retains all the properties of a living organism and as such it requires a series of attentions to its proper preservation over time.

As wood is a living material, it is sensitive to light, at temperature fluctuations, it fears moisture.


Exposure to light can cause deterioration of the superficial wood layers.

Natural light, and to a lesser extent the artificial one, consists of UV rays, which can cause a degradation of the surface of the wood, tending to color and paint.

It is important to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, or use curtains to filter it.


Rapid changes in moisture values can lead to phenomena of "dilation" or "retreat" of wood.

In particular:

HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL HUMIDITY VALUES: They can cause an undesirable increase in the volume of wood and favor the appearance of mushrooms, molds and tarls, resulting in a biological degradation of the material.

LOW AMBIENT VALID VALUES (DARK ENVIRONMENT): they can cause a shrinkage of the wood fibers, resulting in crevices on its surface.

Optimum conditions are a temperature of 22 ° C and a humidity around 58-60%


Powder deposits, in addition to generating a clear light patina, can penetrate into the wood fibers, resulting in rapid drying of the same, resulting in early aging of the wooden artifact.

It is important to carry out regular cleaning of wooden articles.

When removing dust, it is advisable to dust with a soft cloth, whenever it is necessary.

For a more thorough cleaning, it is recommended to use a damp cloth with water and neutral detergent, ie a detergent that does not contain chemicals or abrasives.

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